Thursday, May 29, 2014


I was received complimentary samples of and coupons for Coppertone ClearlySheer from BzzAgent to try out and give my opinion on.

About the Product:
Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreens were designed with your skin in mind. It is a great way to get the everyday sun protection that you need.

Some benefits of this product:
  • Absorbs in seconds for a clean and light feel
  • Moisturizing formulas help leave your skin soft and smooth
  • Won't clog pores or cause breakouts (clinically tested on acne-prone skin)
  • Matte finish is perfect for use under makeup

My thoughts...
I really did like how easy this sunscreen was to apply and rub in. After applying it I did not feel like I had anything on my face at all. I also used it on both of my kids' faces. They both have somewhat sensitive skin and it did not irritate either of them at all, which was terrific to see. While being outside in the bright, warm sun, none of us got burned. In fact, none of our faces even got red at all from the sun! So it certainly provides the sun protection that we all need. My kids liked it because it didn't take a lot to rub it all in and didn't take long for it to be absorbed into their skin. The only negative for me was that for some reason it caused a horrible reaction to my eyes (and yes, I washed my hands after applying it to us all). My eyes felt horrible and were so itchy after applying it. It did not effect either of my kids though, which was great to see. I would definitely buy this sunscreen to have on hand because of how great it works!