Thursday, June 5, 2014

Influenster #GoVoxBox Review

Here it is...My reviews of the products I received in the Influenster #GoVoxBox

I love Influenster and the boxes I have received from them. So much fun! Thank you Influenster!! And my kids always enjoy watching me open the boxes and seeing what all is in there, asking what all the products are, etc. :)

Blue Diamond Almonds
Blueberry Oven Roasted Almonds

These almonds were so delicious. I finished the sample bag I was given and wanted more of them, that's how good they were! They had the usual almond crunch, but with a nice hint of blueberry flavor on them as well - the blueberry flavor was not too over powering and was not too sweet either. It was a very good balance of almond to blueberry flavor. The coating added a slight roughness to the almonds but it wasn't something that was sensory negative. They are also available in strawberry and raspberry flavor as well.

Muller Greek Corner and Corner Yogurts
This is some good yogurt!! I bought the greek yogurt option. I tried blueberry and it was very delicious. Compared to the other blueberry greek yogurts I have tried this one was by far my favorite. A very smooth taste and texture to it, little round blueberries in a blueberry sauce that you got to mix in yourself. My kids enjoyed watching as I folded the corner with the blueberries in over to the side where the yogurt was and they both liked watching the blueberries slowly slide into the yogurt :) I gave each of them a taste of it too and it got both of their approval too! I will definitely be buying this yogurt again! #MullerQuaker

Vitamin Shoppe NextStep Jaxx Shaker Bottle and Meal Replacement Shake Mixes
Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Fresh Berry

I was very pleasantly surprised by the chocolate shake - it were very smooth and delicious to drink! The chocolate one tasted so similar to chocolate milk. I was very surprised by how good it tasted since the powder is only mixed in with water.

The vanilla flavor was so-so in my opinion. I would drink it if I had to, but probably not a flavor I would purchase on my own. Unfortunately the fresh berry flavor was not even close to my favorite. I did not care at all for the smell, taste, or aftertaste of it.

The Jaxx Shaker Bottle made these even easier to use. I loved being able to put the water and powder into the bottle, shake and have the jaxx inside help to get it all mixed up thoroughly. I could see having these on hand for a quick meal or even an afternoon snack.

Playtex Sport Fresh Blance
These tampons were very easy to use and were fairly comfortable to wear. I was able to place it and forget it. I had no leaks either which is a big positive! I can certainly see using these during the summer when I am out walking more and when I'll be chasing my kids at the park more often! And though I haven't tried them while exercising, I plan to and hope to have just as good of results as while just out walking and being around the house.

One unexpected thing - there is a scent to them. I have never experienced a scented tampon like that before, but it is nothing unpleasant, was just surprising.

PROFOOT Triad Orthotic Insoles
I was hesitant to try out these insoles as the ones I have tried in the past have all been too thick and made it so I couldn't wear the shoes with them in or make it some my shoes just were too tight or not comfortable to wear. These were different though! I was very pleasantly surprised by these insoles. They are very comfortable and it is even hard to tell that they are in your shoes when wearing them. They really made some of my shoes even more comfortable to wear. They added support where it is needed on the foot and added some cushion as well, which is nice. I like that these came with a little sticky-dot so they don't move all around in your shoes, the little sticky-dot is just enough to hold them in place where you want them to be. I have no complaints about these.

I have used other products in the past to try to help the rough places on my heels of my feet. A lot of the other products haven't worked too great. Most had left loose pieces of skin on my heels, or got some of the roughness off but not all of it, etc. So I wasn't too sure what to expect from this pedi-rock. While it did not remove all of the roughness on my heels, it did a very good job vs other pedi-products I have used. It was a little large to hold, so I had to move it around in my hand until I could get a nice grip on it. Using it on my heels was easy to do. Clean-up was easy too - run water over it to rinse it off and set it down to dry. My heels are smoother compared to before using it. There are still a couple rough places, but not as many as other products would leave behind. Following up with some lotion helped them feel even smoother. Will certainly be keeping this pedi-rock around because of its ease of use and because of how well it does.

Aqua Spa Relax Collection
I received the Aqua Spa Body Creme in scent Lavender + Chamomile. No real complaints about this lotion. It worked well, rehydrated my skin, and kept my skin feeling moisturized for a while. I wasn't too crazy about the scent of it - it was okay, but was a little too strong for me and that combination wasn't as pleasant as I expected it to be. The smell wasn't horrible, but just not a scent I would ever buy myself. But applying it and rubbing it into my skin was easy to do and worked exactly like you would expect a lotion to work :)

Interested in signing up for Influenster? Let me know, I can send you an invitation to join. Are you already a part of Influnster? Have you received a VoxBox? How do you like yours?

Well, there you have it, all the reviews of the products I received from my Influenster #GoVoxBox . I love getting these boxes and am so excited for when I will receive another one! :)

Thanks for reading!