Monday, June 16, 2014

Cape May, NJ

My husband and I are going to be going away, without kids, for a few days to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. I'm nervously excited about this. Excited to get away, relax, no schedules, nothing we have to do, etc. But nervous too as I have not been away more than an over night from Kid 2 at all, and I haven't been away from Kid 1 for more than an over night since Kid 2 was born 3.5 years ago. But I know we will all survive. And I will admit I am looking forward to getting a little break from the every day responsibilities of being a stay at home mom. My parents are coming to stay with the kids. My mom joked that we might pull in the driveway and they might run out ready to head home :)

We are going to the beautiful Cape May, NJ. We honeymooned in Ocean City, NJ and every time we have been there we have taken day trips to Cape May. Both of us love the Victorian look to the town. Love that there are things to do, but that some can be done in a nice, relaxing way too.

The picture above is one of my favorite parts of the town - the Washington Street Mall. It is a walkway filled with restaurants and stores. The beautiful Victorian houses are my other favorite part - they are so pretty to look at and give the town such a unique quality.

We splurged a little with the hotel we are staying in and got a room on the 3rd floor which faces the ocean so we will have a beautiful view of the beach and ocean from our room. My husband is excited about going and being able to relax after having to work a ton of overtime the last several months, which is thankfully slowing down now. He is ready for a break from seeing work for a couple days :)

Our kids are excited because they get to see grandma and grandpa and spend time with them and have fun doing things with them.

So all in all, everyone is excited about this and looking forward to it. Though I'm sure, knowing the kids like I do, they are a little nervous about mom and dad being away from them for a couple days.

Have you ever been to Cape May? What is your favorite part of it?