Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Week - Check!

Well our first week of doing traditional homeschooling with Kid1 is done! :) And I have to say,  I think it went pretty smoothly considering this is a totally new curriculum to both of us.

I am so impressed with the A Beka Academy! I know all curriculums are different, but wow, compared to what we are coming from - very impressive curriculum and the teacher in the videos is awesome and everything (videos, worksheets, books, etc) are so very well done!

I was concerned the Kid1 wouldn't want to participate in some things with the videos but he is really starting to now for the most part. Still doesn't like to sing with them, but he is calling out the answers with phonics/language and arithmetic now! So far it has been mainly review for him, there have been a few things he didn't learn with the cyber school we were with (for example putting the correct lines above the vowels to show if it is a long or short vowel, and cursive), so he is having a couple new things, but so far nothing major and he is catching on quickly. His favorite part this week was the two art projects that they did. I have been some things along with him and the video to get us both used to it - mainly singing along with some of the songs I know, saying the pledge of allegiance. I am still close by making sure he is staying focused and on task. Doing the readings for Reading together has been enjoyable too - excited to continue listening to him read to me each day :)

This makes my heart happy knowing for certain and seeing that making this switch was the right one to make for him (us).