Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kid1!

In honor of Kid1's 7th birthday I thought I would share his birth story :) I love hearing about babies being born and find it so fascinating how different everyone's experiences are.

August 20, 2007 (35 weeks 1 day)
5 pounds 10 ounces
18.75 inches long
Due Date: September 23, 2007

This was our first baby. I knew some about childbirth, but there was still a lot I didn't know. I had no idea what Kid1's birth would be like, wasn't sure what to possibly expect and had no real hopes or wants for his birth, other than a healthy baby. The pregnancy had been smooth and easy, no problems, no issues, felt great!

It was Saturday morning on August 18 at 3am. Woke up and my underwear was wet. I thought maybe I had peed myself a little, so quietly got up, and changed (bed was still dry thankfully). Got up later and the same thing, so now I was really wondering what was going on. I kept dribbling a little every time I sat up or stood up – enough that I could feel it come out. After getting up for the day I put a pad on and went seeking the advice of some online friends. Several suggested calling the OB as it could be my water leaking. So I called and he had me come in to be checked out. I was barely, if at all, dilated. They monitored me for awhile, nothing 'exciting' at all, then did a pH test on me to see if it was the amniotic fluid or not – well the test came back as probably no, the stick didn't turn the shade of blue it should have if it was fluid, but it wasn't the shade it should have been if it was urine. So the doctor said it was probably my baby sitting on my bladder funny causing me to leak urine and sent me home. I tried to brush it off, but just didn't sound right to me as I still peed a lot when my bladder was full. So I went about my normal weekend wearing the pad the whole time since the leaking never subsided.

Sunday morning I got up for church and my pad and my underwear were soaked. The pad was so wet it was dripping when I pulled it off. Put a new one on, went to church as normal. After lunch and after my friend who was visiting left, I talked to my husband and told him it was still happening (he knew about the pad that morning). He didn't know what to tell me to do since we just didn't know what to think. I also noticed some slight cramping started that Sunday afternoon. I called a friend from church who knew more about baby stuff than I did, she said she would highly suggest calling the OB again. So I called and explained how I was still leaking and how wet the pad was when I got up that morning. So he had me come back in. This time he sent the midwife-in-training to the hospital to examine me. So they hooked me up to the monitor and noticed I was having some very mild contractions and at one point Kid1's heartbeat went down during one, but went right back up. They did the pH test again, and still didn't come back the 'correct' color, which confused the midwife. She decided to do a swab test and explained that when mixed with something, if it was amniotic fluid they would see it fern under the microscope. She came back a while later shaking her head – some ferned and some didn't!

With the doctor's permission they admitted me over night to be observed. Did an ultrasound to check my fluid levels which came back fine, Kid1 was nicely head down, and they monitored him the whole night. Around 8am the OB came in the check on me and do another pH test, which she looked at and said “Yes your water has definitely ruptured! We will get you a room and start you on Pitocin to start to induce you. You will have a baby by dinnertime.” She explained that it was too late to give any steroids for lung development.

So the induction began 48+ hours later when I first woke up wet. They checked me after they started the process and was maybe a fingertip dilated. The contractions started, but weren't anything too bad or bothersome at that point. Around 5 (I think) our friend from church came to be with us as we had asked her to be there as support when I had Kid1. By that point I could feel the contractions but I noticed they had started to ease off some, weren't as strong (which strong for me still weren't very strong at all) as they had been.

At 6pm Monday evening the nurse came in to check me...her words made my heart sink – a fingertip dilated...still! I heard our friend say “uh oh,” which I knew wasn't a good sign as she had 5 kids of her own! I wondered how much longer I was going to go through this until I finally would start to dilate and my body would start progressing like it should be with contractions and all. The nurse had gone and told the doctor, who a few minutes later came in with an little ultrasound machine, she wanted to check something with the baby – low and behold Kid1 had, at some point during the day, turned around, he was now breech! The doctor suggested doing a c-section since they weren't sure how much fluid was left in me since I had never stopped leaking (I would leave a trail on the floor every time I went to the bathroom) and with that in mind she didn't feel comfortable trying to turn him back around in fear of his head rubbing the side of the uterus and causing him issues or damage. So we agreed to the c-section as we just wanted what was best for Kid1 and his health.

They got me all prepped and my husband got in his scrubs. Our friend prayed with me, took a picture of the two of us, and went to the waiting room to wait for and with my parents. Everything went smoothly with the c-section, had no issues or problems at all during it or with the epidural. My husband got to watch the doctor pull Kid1 out, which he said it looked like they were squeezing me to get him out like you would squeeze a tube of toothpaste :) And out he popped, feet first at 7:47pm.

His first cries were there, but were definitely not strong and not quite as loud as we expected. My husband was able to go over and take pictures and see him and they explained that he wasn't doing well breathing on his own, they were giving him oxygen to help him breath. As they finished stitching me up, the NICU team wheeled his little incubator over beside me so I could see him and rushed him off to the NICU. In recovery my husband showed me the pictures and then went to show my parents and our friend the pictures and let them know how things went. At that point we didn't know much else.

Later that night the NICU doctor came to talk to us and explained that Kid1's lungs were more premature than he was. He was hooked up to a ventilator to help him breath since he couldn't breath well on his own. My husband and my mom were able to go in to see him.

The next morning I was able to go and see him, with my husband. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to see – my baby boy laying there with all these tubes and wires hooked up to him. 

The hardest day was when I was discharged and I had to leave the hospital and leave Kid1 there. My husband and I would make daily trips to the hospital to visit him. I never did work up the courage to go and see him by myself, I always waited until my husband was home to go with me. He was a week old before we finally got to hold him, and that was limited until he was finally taken off almost everything so as not to overstimulate him. He was eventually moved off of the ventilator to a CPAP machine, then to oxygen, then to room air. The only challenge he had was passing his car seat test to be able to come home, which took him 3 tries.

On September 13, 2007, 3 week later, he was finally discharged from the NICU! That was the happiest day, to be able to finally bring our baby home! At home was still filled with challenges as he was on a heart/apnea monitor to monitor him incase he would stop breathing or his heart rate would go too high or too low.

Thanks to modern medicine he is now a very healthy and very active boy now and would never know that he was a NICU baby!

So a very happy 7th birthday to my baby boy :)