Monday, August 11, 2014

I need cooking lessons!

Cooking is certainly not one of my strong areas. Some things I make really good...but then you get other things that everyone complains about at dinner or just won't eat. You'd think after 10 years of marriage and cooking that my cooking would have gotten better, and it might have, but still isn't anything great.

Dinner tonight turned out bad. It was a pork chop and rice bake. I've followed recipes from the site I got it from other times and they turned out really good. This one = thumbs first anyway. Took it out of the oven after the amount of time it needed to be in and disaster! The pork chops weren't cooked all the way through, it looked like soup and the majority of the rice was still hard and uncooked. Talk about a blow to me. I was exhausted today anyway after a very early morning of being woken up, and this just did not help at all. So my husband started explaining what needed to be done, and took care of it. This meal ended up taking 2-2.5 times the amount of time the recipe called for to finally get it all cooked through (especially the rice). So that will be dinner tomorrow as we wouldn't have eaten until closer to 7:30 if we waited for it to finally get done.

My husband is awesome with food. The other week I threw a pork loin in the crock pot. After it was done I took it out and he looked said it would make a good BBQ pulled pork. So I shredded all the pork up like needed to be done and grabbed the bottle of BBQ sauce. He looked at me and said to put it away. He then made his own BBQ sauce just by adding in certain amounts of various ingredients. Would take little tastes here and there, add a little more of this and that. And it turned out delicious. That is something I could never do. If I don't have a recipe to follow, it usually turns out gross or just doesn't get made.

I guess I feel like as a wife and mom and stay at home mom I should be able to cook better and have things turn out a lot better than they do. It gets very frustrating sometimes! I want to be able to cook better, to have meals turn out better - to not have tough meat, for things to taste good, to make food everyone enjoys all/most of and wants to eat... I just can't get that to happen the majority of the time and it is very frustrating to me.

Anyone else struggle with cooking??