Sunday, September 21, 2014

Natural Ways for Treating/Helping ADHD

Okay, reaching out to my knowledgeable readers here!

ADHD - what are some natural ways to treat or help children with it? What are some things you have found that help your kids or kids you know?

We know there is a chance that Kid1 has ADHD. My husband had it as a kid and still has it to a degree as an adult, but has learned how to control it the majority of the time. We would love to try things with Kid1 to help him with it. My husband would really love to try to help him learn how to control his focus on what he should be doing and help him find ways to not get distracted as easily with everything else going on We aren't sure yet if we are going to get him evaluated yet or wait a bit longer. Homeschooling is definitely an advantage for him in this area, but still is hard to get him to focus and stay focused on some work during the day.

Thanks for your input!