Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kid2

Today is Kid2's birthday! Like I did for Kid1, I thought I would publish her birth story, especially since it was so different from Kid1's.

October 12, 2010 (39 weeks 2 days)
8 pounds 1 ounce
19 inches
Due Date: October 17, 2010

Baby number two was long prayed for! After 16 months of trying for another baby and 2 miscarriages (almost exactly a year apart), we were finally blessed with a lasting pregnancy, with the help of 400mg per day of a progesterone pill supplement. This was again a pretty easy pregnancy, more nausea and tiredness this time, but I also had a 2 year old (at the time) to chase around :)

Kid2's birth was definitely a much different experience and a much better one as compared to Kid1's birth! My husband and I were given the choice of doing a repeat c-section or trying a VBAC. Before we finally got pregnant with Kid2 I was set on trying a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), but then I got farther into my pregnancy and was really struggling with that and was leaning more towards a repeat c-section. After we prayed about it, we both felt a great peace and calmness with scheduling a repeat c-section, but if I were to go into labor on my own prior to the scheduled day we would see what my body was doing and go from there, possibly attempting a VBAC.

The scheduled day came along, October 12th. This date was exactly one year from the start of the 2nd miscarriage I had and only a few days later from the start of the 1st miscarriage I had two years earlier, so this was an emotional time for me. I was having very mild contractions, but nothing exciting or nothing indicating that my body was ready to have this baby vaginally. So we went with the planned c-section. We had asked so many people to pray for us and that all would go well for the c-section and the birth of this baby. I had such calmness and peace while I was being observed and monitored before the c-section and even during it. My nurse kept commenting on how easy I was making her job that day and how she had never seen a woman so calm and relaxed while waiting for a c-section! My husband was more nervous than I was :)

Everything went as planned and went great. There were a few delay's so it was about an hour later than planned until they took me back for the c-section. The epidural made me extremely nauseated this time though, had to be given two doses of anti-nausea medication. The c-section room was so calm as compared to when we were there with Kid1. My husband, again, was able to see Kid2 being born, which he loved! After they checked her over he was able to go and take pictures and then as they were finishing up on me, he walked over holding her and was able to sit beside me. Then the 3 of us were taken to the recovery room where I finally got to hold and snuggle Kid2.

Everything went so smoothly and this birth was such a blessing and such a wonderful experience for us, especially compared to the craziness of everything surrounding the birth of Kid1! The only 'issue' I had was that my nausea continued all evening and made me very thankful that they had me on a liquid only diet that night and was happy they were able to give me more anti-nausea medication.

My parents and Kid1 came to see us a few hours after Kid2 was born, and Kid1 just loved seeing his little sister and “holding” her and kissing her. He was a little afraid to come near me as we told him how mommy's belly had a boo-boo on – we had been explaining for weeks that mommy was going to be getting a boo-boo when Kid2 was born and that I wouldn't be able to pick him up for a while. But he got more comfortable around me as he knew he wouldn't hurt me if he hugged me and such.

Kid2 and I were discharged Friday afternoon. It was such a great, emotional experience – being able to bring her home with us, both of us being able to hold her so quickly, being able to have her in the room with me...was such an answer to prayers! My c-section recovery went faster than it did with Kid1 as well and was nice and smooth with no issues or problems at all. We were very thankful to finally have another baby and for a birth experience that was so much more calm and relaxed as compared to the first one!

It is such a joy to see how much the kids love each other! :)

Happy 4th birthday to my baby girl!