Friday, November 14, 2014

10 Unique Teacher Gifts you can buy from Lilla Rose

10 Unique Teacher Gifts you can buy from Lilla Rose:

10. A poinsettia flexi clip for her pony tail!

9. A Night Owl flexi clip for her full twist-keep her hair up on all those night owl night's grading papers!

8. A dream catcher for her 1/2 up - for helping your child's dreams come true!

7. Flitter-a gorgeous flexi to thank her for her patience with your child who likes to flit around a lot!

6. Rays of Sunshine hair band for all the days she brings sunshine in doors!

5. The music lover bobbie pins for the music teacher!

4. The Majestic or Classic Crosses Flexi's for the Sunday School Teacher.

3. Lucky Flexi because your kids are "lucky" to have such a great teacher!

2 Open heart dangle because you all love her!

1. Flowers for the teacher: Simple Flower You Pins!

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