Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LifeVantage Protandim

LifeVantage Protandim


I have been taking Protandim every day for over a month now, and I personally feel like I am sleeping SO much better - I have had no insomnia episodes. I also feel like I have more energy some days and that my general wellness has improved.

So, you might be asking, what exactly is Protandim?

Protandim can fight 1 million free radicals per day. Taking Protandim increases the enzymes in your body that can eliminate 1,000,000 free radicals per second every second. 

Oxidative stress, generated through the process of living life (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), is inevitable for everyone. But LifeVantage has the solution: Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer®, the most important dietary supplement of our time.

Comprised of natural plant ingredients, Protandim is a patented, science-based formula that has been researched, tested, and validated by renowned universities and institutions. It is the only supplement proven in a clinical study to reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days.

Protandim activates Nrf2, which communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they’re already designed to do: up-regulate “survival genes,” genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulate other genes to help the body function at an optimal level.

Protected by Six U.S. patents, Protandim is made of five potent botanicals:

Ashwagandha (root) – Ashwagandha grows as a short shrub with a central stem from which branches extend radially in a star pattern and covered with a dense matte of wooly hairs. The flowers are small and green, while the ripe fruit is orange- red and has milk-coagulating properties.
Traditionally, this herb was used as a tonic to raise energy levels and improve general health and longevity. More recently, ashwagandha has generated interest in the study of its antistress and antioxidant properties.

Bacopa extract (aerial part) – Bacopa extract is taken from the succulent leaves of a small creeping plant commonly found growing throughout damp and marshy wetlands of India. This herb, with its small white flowers, is often mistaken for a water lily, although the two are unrelated.
Recent research has focused on the plant’s effects on memory, learning, and concentration.

Green Tea extract (leaf) – Green tea comes from a tea plant native to Asia called Camellia Sinensis, the same plant that is the source of black tea. What makes green tea different (and green) is not the plant used, but rather how it is processed.
This much-studied extract, produced from Camellia Sinensis leaves in China, is used as a source of antioxidants for the preservation of good health. It is also used as an aid to promote weight management.

Milk Thistle extract (seed) – The milk thistle is a tall, flowering plant with spiny stems and toothed, thorny leaves. Native to the Mediterranean, this plant can now be found throughout the world.
It has been used for hundreds of years as a liver protectant and to support liver function and relieve digestive disturbances. Studies have been conducted since the 1970s on the plant’s medicinal properties, and increasing research continues today on milk thistle’s physiological effects and therapeutic properties.

Turmeric extract (Rhizome) – Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. Native to tropical South Asia, it needs temperatures between 20 degrees C and 30 degrees C, as well as a considerable amount of annual rainfall, to thrive.
Traditionally, it has been used for flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, hemorrhage, and colic. Research is also underway to examine its ability as an antioxidant.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

LifeVantage can help your dog too!

Do you have a dog? Check out LifeVantage's Canine Health

LifeVantage Canine Health is a daily supplement specifically formulated for dogs. Using Nrf2* activating ingredients, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids, it is specifically formulated to reduce oxidative stress, support brain, heart and eye functions, joint function, mobility, flexibility and cognitive function.

* Nrf2 is a basic leucine zipper (bZIP) protein that regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins that protect against oxidative damage triggered by injury and inflammation.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Lilla Rose Half Day Flash Sale!

Lilla Rose Half Day Flash Sale
25% Off All Items
New items too!

Friday, January 23
11am EST - 11pm EST (8am PST - 8pm PST)

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Influenster #FrozenVoxBox

I was one of the lucky ones chosen to receive the Influenster #FrostyVoxBox! I was so excited to receive it and see what all was inside and give everything a try.

So here we go with my review of everything included... I received all of these products free from Influenster for testing out and giving my opinion on.

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum
"This clinically proven serum is even more effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines for younger looking skin in just two weeks."

~ My Thoughts: After only using it a couple times, I cannot attest to it reducing the appearance of fine lines. Yet it did leave my skin smooth and soft after applying it to my face and neck. I do like the feel it left to my skin. Was not messy to put on or anything either. My face always dries out after washing it, so I'm always excited to try new things like this to see what it does to my face. I did like it and would be curious to see what changes it would make if used daily for 2 weeks, like stated above.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum
"Ready to take your lips to the next level? Try our NEW Expert Last Lip Color in twenty tantalizing shades. Get intense, amplified color and shine that lasts up to six hours! Our moisturizing formula glides on easily for a silky, smooth, velvety finish for all day wear."

~ My Thoughts: Absolutely LOVE the color! I think this color would look great on anyone. For my lips it added some color without being too bold and bright. Has a fun smell to it too - not your typical lipstick smell, which is a positive. Goes on very smoothly and stays on great too. Feels good on the lips too! I will definitely be using this a lot and would certainly consider purchasing it again in the future as the one I have wears down.

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea
"Live life well this holiday season with Celestial Seasonings and take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane! It's made with the very finest green tea leaves, peppermint and other botanicals, because at Celestial Seasonings, we know you are what you steep."

~ My Thoughts: I made this into a nice, big, hot mug of tea on a cold evening. I love the taste of peppermint, so I thought I would enjoy this tea - and I certainly did! I love tea anyway and love trying all types of new teas. I have never been let down with Celestial Seasonings teas in the past and my expectations weren't let down by this one either! Since it was decaf I had it before bed one night, was a nice relaxing drink to have before heading to bed. Smelled terrific, wonderful flavors, tasted great too. If I still see this in the store I will be picking up a box of it!

EcoTools Hair Brush - Sleek + Shine Finisher
"EcoTools hair brushes are designed with unique features that leave your head and hair happy and healthy. Long or short, straight or curly, EcoTools has the brush to tame any hair style with a variety of five brush head shapes and bristle designs specially crafted to suit every need."

About the brush I received:
"The unique bristle pattern allows the synthetic boar's hair-like bristles to penetrate down to the scalp, distorting hair's natural moisturizers and leaving hair with a sleek, lustrous shine. Plus when blowing dry the brush dries hair 20% faster* due to its aerodynamic Eco-Vent design. Less time drying allows for less heat damage and quicker prep time!"

~ My Thoughts: I will admit - I was scared of this brush when I first saw it! The bristles looked long and hard and did not look like it would be a friendly-to-the-hair brush to use. But I was proven wrong! The part of the brush holding the bristles in was very soft and so as you moved the brush through your hair that part would give. My hair was semi-tangled in places a few times when I used it and surprisingly it didn't pull at all. Left my hair smooth and soft. The design of the brush and handle make it very easy to hold and use. Only negative is that it caused a lot of static to happen with my hair. I used it in Kid2's hair too as she hates having her hair brushed, and it worked very nicely in her hair too and she didn't complain about me using it at all! Left both of our hair shiny and smooth.

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
"Gently removes all eye makeup, including long-lasting and waterproof makeup, with no oily residue."

~ My Thoughts: I'm honestly iffy on this product. I tried it out to remove some waterproof makeup I had on, and after rubbing around my eyes, all this really did was smudge everything up and there was very little that actually came off onto the cotton ball. I ended up washing my face with something else as my skin was starting to hurt from trying to rub the makeup off with this. I'm not sure if it was because it was waterproof (even though it says it works to remove waterproof makeup) or what, but it did not work very well at all for me. Another day when I have some eye makeup on I might give it another try to see if it works with non-waterproof items. Was disappointing.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
"Gives instant color impact with its high intensity pigments. The ultra smooth and creamy formula glides on easily."

~ My Thoughts: I am still not good with eyeliner. I have tried various kinds, and yet still have trouble applying it and figuring out how to get it looking so pretty like other women have theirs look. I have tried this one out, and it really goes on smoothly compared to others that I have tried. It doesn't pull at the skin at all and gently slides across the skin very easily. It almost seems like a solid liquid because of how easy it is to put on. Definitely will be using this one again as I keep trying to figure out how to use eyeliners.

McCormick Gourmet Thyme
" The freshest flavors deserve a fresh new look! McCormick Gourmet's Thyme imparts a light minty flavor that is distinctively warm and aromatic. McCormick Gourmet Thyme can be used throughout the day in dishes such as breakfast casseroles, hearty soups, stews, stuffing, and over-roasted chicken."

~ My Thoughts: One place I tried this out was on my tilapia filets I cooked for dinner one night, along with a little salt. The smell of the thyme is wonderful, my kids both enjoyed smelling the bottle after I opened it, which also lead to questions as to what thyme was and why it was called thyme :) It added a nice flavor to the fish - wasn't too over powering, but could taste it. I'm happy to have this on hand now and can't wait to try it in other dishes and on other foods.

Fruit Vines Bites - Cherry
" Fruit Vines Bites are a new, soft, chewy fruit candy, from the Red Vines family, available in two fruit flavors - strawberry and cherry. Low fat and made with no preservatives, Fruit Vines Bites are available in three sizes: a 2oz single serve, a 5oz hanging bag, and a 10oz resealable stand-up bag."

~ My Thoughts: I received the cherry flavor to test out. Kid1, Kid2, and I all really enjoyed these as a snack. I didn't tell either what flavor they were and Kid1 was able to guess right away that they were cherry flavored. They were very flavorful and a good snack. I liked how they were bite size. They were larger of a "bite size" compared to other items available, but weren't too large. Good snack, and definitely something we would buy on our on for an occasional treat to have.

Interested in joining Influenster for your chance to receive a fun box of items to try out and give your opinion on? Go to and sign up! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking for some extra energy?

LifeVantage AXIO!

Provides a boost of oomph for physical and mental energy.

Life is chaos...but you love it! 24-hours are no longer enough to get everything done. Burning the candle at both ends leaves you feeling tired, stressed and anxious. You turn to energy drinks to fill in the gaps. Yet, you know many are bad for you because they are loaded with sugar, sodium, carbs, calories, and artificial colors and flavors. With NO sugar, less than 3 grams of carbs and 15 calories AXIO is a guilt-free, healthier choice. No more sudden sugar crashes and AXIO red raspberry and huckleberry green grape taste brilliantly refreshing. Finally, an energy drink that takes great and gives you the ability to do more!

Available in:
AXIO Energy Volt (green) - with caffeine; boost of energy, helps reduce fatigue, no jitters, get into the zone fast, increase your concentration, clarity without the declining smash, energy without the sugar crash, without overstimulation, promotes positive mood

AXIO Endure Charged (orange) - no caffeine; long-lasting power, perfect for overachievers or multi-taskers, fire up your brain power, laser focus, feel smarter and look brilliant, reduces distractions, promotes a positive mood, positive brain power.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Lilla Rose Special items of the Month Still Available!

The Lilla Rose flexi clip and bobby pins of the month for January are still available!!

Current remaining totals of the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip and Bobby Pins of the Month - Sapphire Ice:

Mini - 138
Extra Small - 56
Small - 49
Medium - 75
Large - 76
Extra Large - Sold Out
Mega - 33
Bobby Pins - 110

Description: Sparkling crystals with icy sapphire cascade from a luxurious motif, while shimmering beadwork and bright silver cooly complete this month's flexi.

Available while supplies last, or until the end of January. Available in bobby pins and 7 sizes of flexi clips. Flexi clip sizing guide and video:

(amounts as of 2pm 1/5)

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