Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking for some extra energy?

LifeVantage AXIO!

Provides a boost of oomph for physical and mental energy.

Life is chaos...but you love it! 24-hours are no longer enough to get everything done. Burning the candle at both ends leaves you feeling tired, stressed and anxious. You turn to energy drinks to fill in the gaps. Yet, you know many are bad for you because they are loaded with sugar, sodium, carbs, calories, and artificial colors and flavors. With NO sugar, less than 3 grams of carbs and 15 calories AXIO is a guilt-free, healthier choice. No more sudden sugar crashes and AXIO red raspberry and huckleberry green grape taste brilliantly refreshing. Finally, an energy drink that takes great and gives you the ability to do more!

Available in:
AXIO Energy Volt (green) - with caffeine; boost of energy, helps reduce fatigue, no jitters, get into the zone fast, increase your concentration, clarity without the declining smash, energy without the sugar crash, without overstimulation, promotes positive mood

AXIO Endure Charged (orange) - no caffeine; long-lasting power, perfect for overachievers or multi-taskers, fire up your brain power, laser focus, feel smarter and look brilliant, reduces distractions, promotes a positive mood, positive brain power.

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