Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant Review

I received a free sample of Dove Advanced Care deodorant from Influenster to try out and give my opinion on. The scent I was given was Caring Coconut. I will admit that this would not have been my first choice of scent. It isn't bad, I just don't personally care for it too much. However, unlike other deodorants the scent does stay with you and stay there all day long. As you know I have 2 kids, I stay at home with them, I home school them. Those of you who are at home with your kids know how sometimes you just get sweaty - whether it is playing outside in the heat with your kids, cleaning the house, exercising, whatever... this deodorant did work well during all those activities. It has not failed me yet in keeping me smelling good. Also, it is a white stick deodorant, but I don't have the white stains go onto my shirts like I do with other white stick deodorants, which is a major plus in my opinion!

I will probably purchase this deodorant on my own, more than likely a different scent, but has worked its way up to be a favorite of mine to wear.

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