Monday, August 10, 2015

Homeschool - what we are using this coming year

School starting is just around the corner. For us it is August 24th. Kid1 will be doing 3rd grade and Kid2 will be doing K4 (pre-k) this year. So hard to believe how quickly they are growing!

Kid1 will be doing the ABeka Academy 3rd grade this year. He loved it last year for 2nd grade, and it is such an awesome program, that we knew for certain we were going to use it for him again. He won't admit it, but I know he is ready to start up with school again, get back into a regular day-to-day routine and such again.

Kid2 will be doing ABeka book parent led K4 (pre-k) this year. We didn't buy every single little thing, but just the necessities for her. We got the manuscript child kit, manuscript parent kit, art projects K4, K4 Bible activity book, and readiness skills K4. She is so excited to, and I quote, "do school" this year. She keeps asking when she gets to start school, so we now have a countdown paper hung up so she can see how close it is coming for school to start. It also helps that she knows we start after Kid1 turns 8, so she keeps asking when that time will be too.

I also was given a code to try out LessonTrek, so I am giving that a try this year. So far from what I see I really like it. I am using the daily planner for Kid1 - typing in his assignments and printing out the week so he can check off as he completes each item for the day. I'm trying to get him a bit more independent with school this year, and this is one step in the right direction for that.

I'm excited to get started on school again too. Praying this year goes just as well as last year did! :)